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• 11/19/2018

AR team dummy linking?

Can someone please help me out with how to dummy link the AR teams members. I see so many people doing it but I dont know how. Can someone please help?

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• 10/26/2018

Arctic Fox Costume

Will Arctic Fox's costume expire -- in your gift inventory -- after the event concludes, IF you do not use her costume before then? I ask, because her costume shows a script that says, "Time Limit," making me think that it does expire if you do not use it within a specific time frame. For clarity, I don't have that doll yet, so I was hoping her costume would stay in my inventory until I do get her.

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• 1/23/2018

Weird Popup

I only speak English, and I keep getting a popup when I open the game. There is one line of text with two buttons underneath. I press the silver one, and it closes the game. I press the gold one, and it takes me to the app's store page. I usually use a US iTunes account but have a Chinese one for this app. I checked to see if there is an update for the app but found nothing. It started about a month ago. I'm still new to the game. How do I get rid of the popup or play the game? Also, is there anywhere that has a good translation of the UI and/or guides for English users? Sorry for the inconvenience.
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• 10/23/2017

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• 10/26/2016

Combat effectiveness Calculations

Does anyone know how combat effectiveness is calculated? Want to write a program that optimizes squads/echelons.
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• 9/15/2016

New event (9/16 11:59AM - 9/18 11:59AM UTC+8)

Following T-Dolls Crafting Rate UP:


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